Zinc is a natural material that gives designers and builders incomparable flexibility to create stunning and dramatic projects that endure. Beautiful and elegant, zinc is also a material of extreme adaptability that can be easily shaped into any form while remaining quite resilient. Zinc and zinc roofing sheets allow for design and construction teams to create unique and dramatic projects.

Zinc is also easily recycled and reused making it one of the most sustainable construction materials available. As a metal, zinc brings natural fireproof, hail proof and waterproof properties to a project. And combining zinc with other natural materials gives each buildings a distinct and individual character.

The advantages of zinc roofing

Roofing products by RHEINZINK are innovative, reliable and long-lasting. Compared to other roof systems, titanium zinc roof systems and our zinc roofing sheets are more robust and durable, have a refined assembly system and are easily modified to the individual building requirements.

Beyond just being a beautiful, durable and critical part of every building, the flexibility of zinc and our roofing systems enable custom solutions and additional elements to be integrated, such as dormers, covers and special wall copings and verge flashing. Zinc is also a fire resistant roofing choice which adds to its versatile appeal.

RHEINZINK simplifies roofing challenges by providing a wide range of individual roofing solutions for particularly unusual designs as well as standard roofing options. RHEINZINK’s zinc roof systems include roofing products as well as architectural details to meet the individual and specific needs of your project. This range gives you a well-engineered system solution that meets the highest design and construction standards and that suit any requirement. Our variety of roof systems give you the advantage of choosing a zinc roof with double standing seams, one with angled standing seams, one with click roll caps or one with the flat lock tiles system.

Why zinc for a roof

Zinc is an extraordinarily beautiful, natural material. Used on roofs which are often designed to be distinctive elements of a building, zinc weathers into a patina that gives it a unique appearance.

The flexible nature of using zinc allows for more adventurous designs because zinc can be fashioned to meet the construction requirements. This also allows for zinc to be easily incorporated with waterproof building materials as well as being a natural fire-resistant building material.

Zinc give designers the freedom to create the kind of dramatic buildings they envision without compromise.

The durability of zinc

The natural attributes of zinc make it particularly durable and long lasting. REINZINK titanium zinc is 99.995 percent pure primary zinc with a small portion of titanium and copper. This alloy is malleable, corrosion-resistant and enduring. This alloy composition gives the material strength while allowing the product to be easily shaped. And zinc is a hail-proof roofing material which adds to it durability, especially over many years.

As a result of the natural weathering process over time, zinc forms a matte grey protective layer known as a patina. This patina protects the material against the effects of weather and corrosion and lasts for decades giving zinc a service life of up to 200 years. Zinc also naturally repairs any scratches that may occur during installation and is a material that entirely maintenance free.

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Zinc is the beautiful solution
for long-term cost efficiency

Because zinc is a natural product that is extraordinarily flexible and adaptable, zinc can be fashioned to meet any design demands and has a total cost of ownership that make it a very attractive economical choice over time. In addition RHEINZINK roof systems are created with refined assembly systems to make construction and assembly on any project easy and efficient. This sophisticated approach to the manufacturing and composition of the material and its installation make zinc a highly cost-effective solution for roofs.


The right finish for the perfect look

With the availability of the RHEINZINK-prePATINA and GRANUM surface finishes, designers have more options for the zinc finish on a roof. The prePATINA line comes in blue-grey or graphite-grey and is delivered ex-works, replacing the natural process which often takes years to develop. The GRANUM line offers two beautiful greys with a matte appearance that is sophisticated and contemporary and comes from our unique phosphating process during manufacturing.


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RHEINZINK is the global leader producing titanium zinc for metal roofing, wall cladding and roof drainage. Made in Germany, RHEINZINK applications are stylish, distinctive and durable.

As the expert in zinc architectural materials, RHEINZINK offers innovative technology, attractive design and the knowledge and experience of building with tried-and-tested products. RHEINZINK’s products are produced with the highest quality materials to create buildings of unsurpassed beauty, durability and sustainability.

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  • Allow custom solutions
  • Ecological and sustainable
  • Infinitely recyclable


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