Zinc seam systems by RHEINZINK

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Facade design can be complex and often designers encounter multiple challenges that must be overcome simultaneously. Depending on the type of building project and the client's requirements, this could involve the coordination of separate facade elements with each other or the installation of complex design elements, such as standing seam panels and flat lock tiles.

RHEINZINK zinc seam systems are the premier choice of architects and planners, particularly if the project involves a unique and aesthetic design. Our systems provide flexibility and freedom of design, as well as uncompromising quality and durability. We are also able to offer an extensive range of seam systems that provide specific solutions that meet even the most demanding needs of any project.

Overview of RHEINZINK zinc seam systems

Angled standing seam

Flat lock tiles

Seam systems as a partial or overall solution

Architects and planners are often asked to make something quite normal look extraordinary. These challenges can’t be achieved with standard products and off-the-rack solutions. To meet these requests, RHEINZINK zinc seam systems products offer variety that enables design creativity and flexibility with the highest-quality materials. Our products can be used over large areas or just used as a visual accent. Download one of our brochures to see interesting examples of how our products are applied to structures and to get more detailed technical information.

Popular facade seam systems from our program include angled standing seam systems and flat-lock tiles. Both of these systems provide custom facade design options, but differ with regard to their technical properties.

Choosing the right seam system is often also a matter of cost

At RHEINZINK, we understand the budget realities facing designers and builders. We’ve developed our product line to include facade seam systems that can meet any requirement. For instance, our crystal tiles are particularly cost-effective without compromising in other areas. These tiles enable you to create a dynamic facade design that is quick to assemble, durable and also environmentally friendly. For more expansive budgets and needs, we also offer flat-lock tiles that are visually dominating and available in many different versions.

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