Seam systems by RHEINZINK

Quality you can rely on

Multiple challenges must be overcome simultaneously when designing facades. Depending on the type of building project and the client's requirements, this could involve the coordination of separate facade elements with each other or the installation of complex design elements, such as standing seam panels and flat lock tiles.

It is more or less inevitable that architects and planners will consider RHEINZINK seam systems, particularly if the construction project involves an aesthetic design. They provide flexibility and freedom of design as well as uncompromising quality and durability. Accordingly, our range of seam systems includes very different solutions that more than live up to your demands and those of your partners.

Overview of RHEINZINK seam systems

Angled standing seam

Flat lock tiles

Seam systems as a partial or overall solution

Architects and planners are often asked to make something quite normal look extraordinary. Of course, this cannot be achieved with standard products and off-the-peg solutions. Accordingly, RHEINZINK seam systems cover a variety of established products that unite creativity and quality. Naturally, our seam systems are flexible in use. For instance, they can be employed to cover large areas or used as a visual accent. Our brochures contain interesting application examples and more detailed technical information and can be downloaded from our website.

Popular seam systems from our programme include angled standing seam systems and flat lock tiles. Both of these systems provide custom facade design options but differ with regard to their technical properties.

Choosing the right seam system is often also a matter of cost

Frequently, a specific budget is set for creative design. And only seldom is this budget unlimited. Therefore, our programme includes seam systems for all requirements. For instance, our crystal tiles are particularly cost-effective without compromising on other factors. RHEINZINK tiles enable you to create a dynamic facade design that is quick to assemble, durable and environment-friendly to boot. In contrast, our flat lock tiles are more visually dominating and are available in different versions.

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