Company responsibility: Economical sustainability at RHEINZINK

Securing jobs

RHEINZINK is one of the largest employers in Datteln, Germany and, as such, we are responsible for the survival of the company and our employees' jobs. For this reason, securing jobs at our sites is a top priority. To guarantee this, economical sustainability is a vital element of our company policy.

Innovation and further development

At our company headquarters in Datteln, Germany, we work continuously on developing new innovations to fulfil our high standards and succeed in the market. We are also constantly investing in our company headquarters to secure our success. We are currently planning a substantial investment project (in the two-digit million range) in Datteln to modernise systems and to build a new warehouse, amongst other things.

Environmental management and energy management

Our environmental management and energy management strategies also contribute to economic sustainability. We save several hundred megawatt hours every year thanks to energy efficiency projects. We also reduce our water consumption by approx. 20% annually by using a waste water recycling plant.