Download BIM data and visualisation formats

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. This describes a method of optimised planning, execution and management of buildings and other structures with the aid of software. It refers to the networked and transparent collaboration of all parties involved in the construction process. This not only improves efficiency and planning reliability, it will also prove to be a significant factor in standing out from the competition and developing a competitive position.

It is based on a 3D digital model that is used to visualise spatial structures, components and attributes of all building elements and manage these throughout the entire planning period and service life of a building. All parties involved in the project can access the model and so have the latest information and a complete overview of the project at their fingertips at all times. In the BIM method, the various planning stages are interwoven, unlike a conventional 2D plan in which all planning stages are conducted separately.

We provide the following software formats: The BIM format Revit (.rfa) and 7 formats for standard CAD and rendering software: .jpeg, .c4d, .mat, .skm, .xsh, .vismat, .3dm and .ifc as a universal format for BIM programs. Revit data is provided in German and English.

All downloadable BIM data can be found at