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Zinc cladding – Made for generations

At RHEINZINK, we’re experts in the manufacturing, production and continuing development of zinc cladding  facade systems. Designing a project using facade cladding influences the appearance of a property more than any other building component. But the facade has purposes that are more than merely visually attractive. Modern zinc cladding wall systems, such as zinc cladding facades made from horizontal panels, are not only eye-catching, they also protect the building structure and can be easily adapted to the local and site conditions. We also provide profiles for connections to windows, doors and other components to match the corresponding system.

There are virtually no limits to planners’ creativity when using RHEINZINK. We offer zinc cladding solutions for facade systems of all kinds from cost-effective zinc wall and facade systems to extravagant zinc cladding systems with extensive custom options. Our award-wining products are created with the highest-quality materials, award-winning processing options and outstanding planning assistance for metal cladding systems.

Overview of zinc cladding facade systems by RHEINZINK

Seam systems

Panel systems

Cassette system

Profile systems

Every building and every project is different – as are their facade systems. Accordingly, we supply different facade systems each characterised by special properties. Depending on the facade system, you can choose between classic solutions and our own zinc cladding developments for specialist applications. If you are not yet familiar with our various facade systems, we recommend reading our brochures first. These contain interesting examples of designs and patterns as well as explanatory texts.

Explore the many zinc cladding facade systems by RHEINZINK

Our seam and panel systems offer a particularly wide range of options for planners and architects. Our seam system range includes the following products:

If you are looking for reliability and quality but, most importantly, cost-efficiency, then our profile systems are the right choice for you. Walls / facades with large surface areas, such as those often found on public buildings, can be clad easily, cost-efficiently and in compliance with the highest requirements using our corrugated and trapezoidal profiles.

RHEINZINK zinc wall cladding surface design

Further options for designing facades using RHEINZINK products are available under the umbrella term surface design. Interesting results can be achieved using special shaping procedures such as seams, curves, embossing or perforations. Natural or artificial light can be used to create fascinating patterns and effects that can dramatically influence the visual impact of the zinc cladding facade or of the entire building during the day or during the night. The natural patina that slowly builds up on the zinc cladding under atmospheric influences also plays its part. It emphasises the surface of the facade with subtle nuances of color.


RHEINZINK supports their customers in every way

We clearly define the options provided for you by the various facade systems. Our programme of zinc cladding products is likewise clear and easy to understand. In this way, you are always aware of which products you can use. This reduces the complexity of planning tasks considerably without lowering the quality. Furthermore, we provide useful planning aids  and a visualisation service that you can use to convince your clients still further. Our team is available to advise and assist you if you require custom solutions.

Our facade systems are optimised with regard to installation. The attachment technology has been thoroughly tested and facilitates rapid and consequently low-cost assembly.

Our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have by telephone or via email. We look forward to hearing from you without obligation.

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