RHEINZINK-GRANUM - the new surface

Product information on RHEINZINK-GRANUM

RHEINZINK expanded its range of high-quality surface finishes with two phosphated variants, GRANUM skygrey and GRANUM basalte. The grey elegance of RHEINZINK-GRANUM skygrey appears aesthetic, authentic and self-sufficient. As a dark grey, almost black version, RHEINZINK-GRANUM basalte gives a puristic, professional and precise look.

The straightforward, yet unique grey tones give designers flexibility to give their projects a contemporary look without sacrificing efficiency.

Artfully combined with materials such as wood, natural stone, plaster or glass surfaces these finishes create exceptional and clear contrasts and inspire aspirational design far beyond the ordinary. They also open up new opportunities to showcase objects with unique character in a contemporary context.

The skygrey and basalte surfaces in the RHEINZINK-GRANUM product line perfectly complement RHEINZINK’s existing product range. The noble, matt finish zinc appearance is achieved by phosphating the surface based on state-of-the-art and environment-friendly production technology. The phosphate layer on the zinc wall cladding is long-lasting, weather-resistant and sustainable, and conveys the characteristic texture of natural patina once installed.  

Each of our high-quality surfaces made of the natural material RHEINZINK-titanium zinc are suitable for a wide range of applications and combine all the advantages of an innovative technology. Discover the world of GRANUM.  Questions?  Contact a sales representative.
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