Natural material - Perfect surfaces

Our high-quality surfaces made of the natural material RHEINZINK-titanium zinc are suitable for a wide range of applications and combine all the advantages of an innovative technology.  The product lines prePATINA, CLASSIC, artCOLOR, GRANUM and PRISMO set standards in material, processing and functionality and also meet ultimate demands in ecology and sustainability. In addition, our products exceed the requirements of DIN EN 988 and thus comply with the TÜV-tested QUALITY ZINC criteria catalogue. RHEINZINK-titanium zinc is a durable material, that is 100% recyclable.

Self healing surfaces - The healing powers of nature

The skin in its function as a protective cover has many functions, preventing foreign substances from entering our body is one of the most important. When injuries occur, the natural self-healing powers of the skin become active: small cuts or even scratches heal by themselves within a short time and are no longer visible afterwards.

The natural material titanium zinc has similar properties. RHEINZINK-CLASSIC and RHEINZINK-prePATINA are high-quality surfaces, which over time form a blue-grey or slate-grey patina, which, like human skin, functions as a protective layer. This patina is also equipped with a natural self-healing effect and thus guarantees a long, maintenance-free life.