Varied range and applications of RHEINZINK

At RHEINZINK, we’ve developed a comprehensive range of roof and facade systems to make it easy to create distinct roof and modern facade design solutions for any architectural concept.

Every project that incorporates RHEINZINK is a breathtaking example of the unbounded design options and sustainable materials architecture.

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To me, efficient service means receiving comprehensive consultancy from the product manufacturer early on during the planning phase and then solid support during implementation. With this in mind, I would judge the overall range of services at RHEINZINK as good.

For us, it is important that materials are natural; that they live and evolve. We love patinas, but not artificial patinas - we like those that develop naturally. We are also suggesting using titanium zinc for indoor applications.

RHEINZINK blue grey – exclusive premium surface

Only RHEINZINK-prePATINA delivers the sustainability and everlasting elegance of this material. RHEINZINK-prePATINA is created using a special pre-weathering process that generates the natural patina blue grey surface during production. The result expands opportunities and inspires. And our commitment to sustainability is recognized by the many quality marks RHEINZINK has been awarded for its exemplary ecological footprint.

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RHEINZINK Continuing Education

  • EXPLORE the use of zinc for walls & roofs from historic buildings to contemporary designs.

  • ASSESS the specifiable aspects of architectural zinc for a wide range of design goals.

  • IDENTIFY architectural zinc’s performance, its patina process, and how zinc differs from other metals.

  • EXAMINE zinc’s proven sustainable qualities.

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