Zinc as a construction material

The decision of whether to use a certain construction material depends on many factors, such as its environmental compatibility, appearance, application options and, of course, its price. Choose the construction material titanium zinc and benefit from a whole range of advantages!

The advantages of zinc at a glance

Zinc is natural

Zinc is a natural material, as is wood. This material is very valuable and sustainable from an ecological point of view. Zinc construction elements have a service life of up to 200 years. RHEINZINK products used on buildings can be entirely recycled and reused. This natural material has been popular in architecture for centuries for just these reasons.

Zinc is long-lasting

Over the last few years, a new countertrend has been developing in our consumer and throwaway society: The quest for quality and durability - values that are fulfilled 100% by zinc.

Over time, zinc forms a matte grey protective layer, known as a patina, as a result of the natural weathering process. This protects the material against the influence of weather and corrosion in the long term. It also naturally repairs any scratches and so ensures that the material is entirely maintenance-free. When correctly installed, RHEINZINK is not only extremely long-lasting but almost everlasting, which makes it extremely cost-efficient over its entire life cycle.

Zinc is beautiful

Increasingly, zinc is being chosen for its looks and not only for its environment-friendly properties. Combining natural materials such as zinc and wood lends homes an individual character. The surface has an elegant metallic appearance either in the original CLASSIC bright-rolled variant or in the pre-weathered prePATINA blue-grey and graphite-grey variants.

For those who love color in their lives, we also provide our sheet zinc in seven different colours as standard. Zinc adds a visual statement and gives your home an individual character and unique flair.

Zinc is versatile

Zinc is found everywhere in day-to-day life - in car production, medicine, creams or in clothing. Sheet zinc is also a popular material for roofs, facades or roof drainage as it can be easily be shaped into any form yet is still very resilient. It can be shaped to adapt to geometric forms or organic, curved lines and so provides innumerable design options.

No matter whether you choose zinc for its appearance, natural character or versatility: You have chosen a high-quality and entirely recyclable construction material that will last for generations.