RHEINZINK – special topics

As titanium zinc experts for roof and facade systems and gutters, we can provide you with assistance and advice on a variety of special topics. These topics include designing with zinc cladding, building with metal cladding panels and how zinc is one of the most environmentally-friendly building materials.

Renovation and Historic Preservation

Different eras are characterized by very distinct construction styles, properties and qualities. Buildings in particular are prominent representations of the past and often showcase a heritage and culture worth preserving. RHEINZINK is familiar with and understands the challenges that come with renovations and preservation projects. We have the experience and expertise to manufacture the highest-quality, individualized and custom-tailored products that make these projects successful.

Details - Refurbishment

Details - Historic Preservation

Sustainable construction

At RHEINZINK, we’re committed to sustainability and our products fulfill all sustainable construction requirements. The Institut Bauen und Umwelt e. V. declared RHEINZINK material to be an environmentally compatible construction product in line with EN 15804. We’re proud of this certification and its verification of the environmental quality of our products. We take seriously our responsibility to create a sustainable solutions while maintaining the individuality of every architectural concept.

Every project that incorporates RHEINZINK brings you environmentally-friendly building materials with unparalleled flexibility, individuality and sustainability.

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