Metal cladding panels from RHEINZINK

External metal wall cladding panels for a vibrant facade design

Facade panels are indispensable for the creative work of architects, planners and construction specialists. They enable attractive yet secure surface designs to be created on a wide range of building structures while also protecting the buildings against the elements. While the basic technologies of panel systems are similar, RHEINZINK systems are developed to ensure maximum creative freedom in design, complete confidence in construction and the assurance that our high quality-metal cladding panel systems are robust and durable.

RHEINZINK works closely with our planners, architects and specialist partners to provide exactly what they need in high-quality metal cladding panel products. To meet these needs, our range of zinc paneling includes reveal panels and shiplap panels.

Overview of our metal cladding panels

Reveal panel

Shiplap panel

Almost anything is possible in facade design if you have the right products. In practice, we know there are limitations. Whether it’s budgetary concerns or changing client requests, RHEINZINK has a range of metal wall cladding panels that meet all kinds of flexibility, individuality and manageability needs with high-quality materials. We offer individual solutions for metal wall cladding panels and standard solutions that are more price conscious, so you can easily create using our zinc panelling facade products. We offer a closer look at our facade panels as well as important information and application examples of our metal wall cladding panels on this site.

In general, our facade panel programme consists of four product lines: SF 25 reveal panels, H 25 horizontal panels, ST 40 shiplap panels and our SP-Line. All series are tried-and-tested systems that are also impressive behind the facade. At RHEINZINK, it is of great importance to use that all our metal cladding panels can be installed at low cost. This is particularly attractive to our business customers: Customers mainly judge the visible results. Planners, on the other hand, must also ensure high-quality construction that mostly remains hidden to customers.

Our metal wall cladding panels in practice

It is common knowledge that even planning and visualising facades can take a long time. Customers often also request modifications or alternative designs. Helpful tools, examples and background information are available to you at any time to enable you to work in a cost-effective manner. In this way, you always know what can and cannot be done with a certain panel system. Checklists help you with internal validation.

Of course, we also know that our extensive standard solutions may not always conform to what you and your customers envision. To meet your vision, we can easily create custom individual solutions of some of our metal wall cladding panels. We are happy to discuss your specific project with you and show you the available options and limitations of metal wall cladding panels.

If you have not yet worked with RHEINZINK, we have distributors near you and we invite you to thoroughly test our metal wall cladding panels and other system solutions at their premises and get answers to any questions you have. We want to ensure that you see how the options we offer with our metal cladding panel program can meet the needs of your project. Getting to know the versatility of our solutions gives planners the ability to make extraordinary projects a reality, and to benefit from the recommendations of satisfied customers.

Our contacts are available to you at any time either online, via email, by telephone or in person.

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