Sustainable construction with RHEINZINK

RHEINZINK titanium zinc is pure, architectural-grade zinc with small amount of titanium and copper. The titanium provides strengths and the copper adds color. This combination equals long-lasting material for roofing, facade cladding and roof drainage.

In addition, the material has an exceptionally high ecological efficiency, as stated in the investigation conducted on behalf of the Germany Federal Environment Agency. It has a higher ecological footprint rating than any other construction metal. The CO2 emitted during the production of RHEINZINK titanium zinc and the amount of energy used during extraction and processing are extremely low. Emissions are minimised using state-of-the-art production facilities.

Over time, the RHEINZINK material develops a natural patina that protects it against environmental influences and makes it maintenance-free and extremely long-lasting. At the end of its service life, RHEINZINK can be 100% recycled - an infinite amount of times without the loss of properties thereore eradicating inherited waste for future generations. An effective recycling rate of over 90% is achieved for construction zinc today. Moreover, every RHEINZINK product we make today consists of 30% secondary material, making RHEINZINK a fulfillment for sustainable construction requirements.

RHEINZINK titanium zinc – An environmentally-friendly product

Zinc: one of the building blocks of life

Did you know that zinc is an essential trace element that is essential for the human body? It is crucialfor our skin, hair and immune system. An adult's daily requirement is around 10 to 15 milligrams. It occurs as a natural element in plants, animals, water and soil. The Earth's crust naturally contains approx. 70 milligrams of zinc per kilo.

Environmentally friendly rainwater management

Water is a precious asset and the future of our ecosystem depends on its availability. As conscientious producers of roofing and roof drainage systems made from architectural zinc, environmentally friendly rainwater management and the protection of the groundwater are of utmost importance to RHEINZINK. Independent studies have shown that it is safe and environmentally friendly to allow rainwater draining from zinc to soak into the ground.

Certifications as evidence of our sustainability

Those who advertise sustainability must also be able to prove it. As a company committed to sustainability, RHEINZINK is a member of several associations and institutions that promote sustainable building methods and products. One example is the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU). They inspect construction products for environmental and health compatibility. Testing covers the entire product life cycle from raw material extraction to production and recycling. Based on this, the IBU awarded RHEINZINK material an environmental product declaration (EPD) as an environmentally compatible construction product. All of our sustainability certificates may be viewed from the download centre.


At RHEINZINK, sustainability has more than one facet

To us, sustainability means more than a sustainable construction product. It extends from the responsible treatment of the environment to economic sustainability and commitment to our employees and society

Social sustainability at RHEINZINK

We are more than just a production company. We are committed to our employees, trainees and the region.

Economical sustainability at RHEINZINK

We are committed to fair treatment whether it is job security, innovations or environmental and energy management.