Zinc roof systems by RHEINZINK

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Overview of RHEINZINK zinc roof systems

Double standing seam

Angled standing seam

Click roll caps

Flat lock tiles

Roof coverings are necessary both for new buildings or when refurbishing existing buildings. Of course, the roof is a vital part of the building with more than one purpose; it is also a highly visible building component. For this reason, our zinc roof systems are distinguished by multiple features. Planners and architects can always rely on the excellent quality of our zinc roof products and systems that guarantees durability and reliability. They also have countless options for finding custom complete solutions in our zinc roof systems range. These system solutions offer more than merely covering the roof; they also enable further additional elements to be integrated, such as dormers, covers and special wall copings and verge flashing.

Our zinc roof systems are based on innovative system technology that complies with technical regulations. Even the attachment fixtures are carefully designed as a component of the overall roof construction.

RHEINZINK zinc roof systems deliver what they promise

If you offer your clients a titanium zinc roof you are offering them an extremely high-quality product. Compared to other roof systems, titanium zinc roof systems boast the following impressive product properties:

  • More robust and longer-lasting material
  • Refined assembly system
  • Adaptable to the individual building situation

As roofs are as different as your customers’ wishes, RHEINZINK provides a wide range of zinc roof systems. In this way, a perfect and well-engineered system solution that far surpasses the many high standards can be found to suit any wishes or requirements. Choose between a zinc roof with double standing seams, angled standing seams, click roll caps or the flat lock tiles system.

Zinc roof systems with double and angled standing seams

Our double and angled standing seams are tried-and-tested zinc roof systems that are quick and easy to install yet provide huge freedom of design. One particular advantage of the double standing seam system is the option of using it on buildings with low roof inclination angles. It can be used starting from a gradient of 3°. On the other hand, the angled standing seam system is suitable for buildings with a roof slope angles of 25°, or 35° in snowy regions.  Architectural details can be effortlessly integrated, and assembly is also cost-effective thanks to the coordinated system technology.

Zinc roof systems with flat lock tiles for large surface areas

Our flat lock tiles are the ideal zinc roof system for covering roofs with large surface areas. Flat lock tiles are available in different sizes to facilitate economical coverage whilst creating an aesthetic and attractive roof surface. They can be installed horizontally or diagonally, and the individual building elements can be effortlessly adapted to existing building geometries. Depending on substructure, flat lock tiles can be used starting from a roof inclination of 10°, in coordination with a suitable substructure.

RHEINZINK is more than just a supplier

RHEINZINK delivers excellent system solutions for roofs and facades but also places the same value on service and information. Important information concerning our roof systems and other solutions are available for download at any time. Our team can be contacted by telephone or email at any time for general questions and questions concerning special requests. You can also familiarise yourself with our products by visiting specialist dealers or professional specialists in your region. Our goal is to simplify your planning tasks as far as possible and to support you in satisfying your customers with convincing solutions. Please contact us without obligation and free of charge.

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