Residential Building Repino

Residential Building Repino

Repino / St. Petersburg, Russia


Ze Workroom Design Studio


OOO „Engard”
Saint Petersburg

Technical Specifications

Roof: 500 m² 2.6 t Double Standing Seam
RHEINZINK-prePATINA graphite-grey

Facade: 300 m² 1.6 t Angled Standing Seam System
RHEINZINK-prePATINA graphite-grey

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The small suburb of Repino of the city of St. Petersburg is located about 45km northwest of the city center on the Gulf of Finland and is idyllic home to about 2500 inhabitants. The resort offers both city and beautiful spots of nature, forest and beach and some historical sights.

In the middle of a small forest, a family house has been built, which harmoniously blends into the surrounding nature. The wooden facade looks inviting and perfectly matches the roof cladding. The owners and architects of the Ze Workroom Design Studio decided on titanium zinc from RHEINZINK in the surface quality prePATINA graphite-grey. The rather dark material was installed using the double standing seam technique. Parts of the façade were also made of titanium zinc, thus creating a visual connection to the roof.

The RHEINZINK prePATINA line is the optimal material not only for aesthetic purposes. The appearance of the typical zinc patina is given ex works. It nevertheless allows natural patina formation, which creates a self-healing effect that makes the material durable and low-maintenance.

The single-family house is therefore well positioned in terms of sustainability, and its natural materials at the same time create a modern, timelessly beautiful look.