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Edmonton International Airport, Edmonton, CANADA | Architect: DIALOG, CANADA | System Partner / Fabricator: Thermal Systems, Edmonton, CANADA | Targeting LEED Silver

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RHEINZINK-PATINA LINE - the classic line - consisting of prePATINA brightrolled, prePATINA blue-grey and prePATINA graphite-grey.  This material forms a natural patina when exposed to the atmosphere, to protect the surface of the material.

RHEINZINK-PROTECT LINE was developed in response to the effects of aggressive microclimates.  Its transparent coating slows down the aging process, preserving its initial beauty.
RHEINZINK-COLOR LINE offering five standard colors - creating roofs and facades with unlimited design potential.

With the addition of the INTERIEUR LINE, RHEINZINK can be considered for interior design, bringing with it all the durable and low-to-no maintenance aspects of the original RHEINZINK material.

With four new product lines, now it's even easier to be inspired.  This launch embodies unparalleled long-lasting beauty for roofs, facades and interiors. 

Our site offers a thorough overview of our zinc roofing, zinc facade and zinc gutter products as well our value-added services. Browse through our brochures in e-book format or download planning and installation information - quickly and conveniently.  The brochures and project galleries featured exemplify just a portion of the multitude of options offered by the material RHEINZINK. 

RHEINZINK America services the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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