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RHEINZINK is the world’s leading brand of architectural-zinc for building applications. Generically known as “titanium-zinc”, RHEINZINK is a natural-weathering metal that forms a grey patina after repeated exposure to moisture and air. Combining 99% special high-grade zinc with approximately 1% titanium and copper, the RHEINZINK alloy can help provide long-term solutions for roofs, facade cladding and gutters. 

This engineered zinc-alloy also helps designers provide a natural grey color compliment or contrast to brick, concrete/CMU, slate, stone, or wood while also achieving a long service life.

RHEINZINK is a monolithic metal that is low-maintenance, malleable, and has no color coating. For more than 200 years, zinc has been used by European designers and sheet-metal craftsman to create structures that endure for generations. 

Since 1993, RHEINZINK has been used in North America on college and corporate campuses, municipal buildings, libraries, cultural centers, and residential projects.  RHEINZINK is recognized world-wide as a low-environmental impact metal of choice that is both beautiful and cost-effective.


RHEINZINK-CLASSIC - CLASSIC bright rolled will patinate as nature intended when exposed to wetting and drying cycles. Over time, the prePATINA bright rolled takes on a blue-grey patina when exposed to atmospheric influences.

is painted RHEINZINK-titanium zinc for roofing, façade cladding and architectural details. A colored zinc can be used to augment a project or create unlimited levels of design. Currently, RHEINZINK-artCOLOR is available in five shades: RHEINZINK-blue, RHEINZINK-tile-red, RHEINZINK-nut-brown, RHEINZINK-moss-green and RHEINZINK-pearl-gold. All RHEINZINK-COLOR coils and sheets are delivered with a protective film.

RHEINZINK-prePATINA - This line consists of prePATINA blue-grey and prePATINA graphite-grey surfaces will patinate as nature intended when exposed to wetting and drying cycles. Over time, the blue-grey patina when exposed to atmospheric influences while the preweathered materials prePATINA blue-grey and prePATINA graphite-grey will continue to age over time in response to microclimatic conditions.  These natural patinas may appear lighter when used in ‎locations where the air contains chlorides. When used in environments where sulphur levels are higher, (e.g. industrial pollution), the patina may appear somewhat darker than usual.  For more on this, please reference Chapter 1, “Weathering Characteristics”. 

Composition of RHEINZINK:

Zinc                 99%  

Alloy Additives:
    Titanium       0.07 - .12%
    Copper         0.1 - .18% (PPBG)
    Copper         0.8 - 1.0% (PPGG)

Zinc: Special High Grade (SHG): 99.995% pure

 - Improves the tensile strength and hardness of the material and increases creep resistance
 - Increases the re-crystallization temperature by about 68°F (20°C) to about 572°F (300°C).

 - Forms a solid solution with zinc
 - Improves malleability
 - Is responsible for the natural blue-grey and graphite-grey colors

DIN Standards and Mechanical Properties
RHEINZINK is manufactured to exceed the requirements of Euro-Norm Standard DIN EN 988 (formerly DIN  17770), which prescribes certain minimum material properties for titanium zinc. RHEINZINK is constantly subjected to quality control monitoring according to DIN EN 988, DIN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 14001 requirements, and additionally by an external inspection through an accredited, independent institute (TÜV Rheinland), according to the “Quality Zinc” criteria. RHEINZINK conforms with ASTM B-69-16-Type 1 and Type 2 for Architectural Rolled Zinc. The chart below outlines the mechanical and physical properties of:  RHEINZINK-CLASSIC, RHEINZINK-artCOLOR and RHEINZINK-prePATINA

RHEINZINK Properties Chart

Property Metric Imperial
Tensile Strength min. 150 N/mm² min. 21.8 lb/in² x 10³
Yield Strength min. 110 N/mm² min. 15.95 lb/in² x 10³
Elasticity Modulous 80,000 N/mm² min. 11.6 lb/in² x 10⁶
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 0.022 mm/m/K 12 in/inº F x 10-6
Coefficient of Expansion (crosswise of direction of rolling) 1.7mm/m x 100 K -
Tensile Strength min. 150 N/mm² min. 21.8 lb/in² x 10³
Density (spec. weight) 7.2 g/cm3 -

Thickness Chart

Metric (mm)Imperial (inches)Gauge (universal) Weight in Pounds Weight in metric
0.70.028241.03 lb / sq ft 5.04 kg/m²
0.80.032221.18 lb sq ft5.76 kg / m²
1.00.039201.48 lb / sq ft7.20 kg / m²
1.20.04718 1.77 lb / sq ft8.64 kg / m²
*1.50.059 162.21 lb / sq ft10.80 kg / m²
**1.750.069 142.59 lb / sq ft12.66 kg / m²

*1.5 mm
- prePATINA graphite-grey - available by special order
**1.75 mm - prePATINA blue-grey - available by special order

Product Marking

European standards stipulate that a product must be marked by the manufacturer.  Our RHEINZINK products are identified as follows to prove they are the genuine article:

  • RHEINZINK coils and sheets: a continuous stamp on the underside of the metal 
  • Gutters and downspouts: continuous embossed stamp 
  • Accessories for gutters: embossed stamp 
  • Pallets containing gutter products: stickers applied to the packaging, including detailed product data

The RHEINZINK embossed stamp shown on our gutter products is an important mark of quality.  This system includes almost 300 different parts and components, which are all matched in terms of dimensions, guaranteeing a perfect fit.


  • DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified 
  • DIN ISO 14001:2004 certified 

The outstanding quality of RHEINZINK products in terms of materials and manufacture can be attributed to our many years of experience combined with a constant willingness to innovate.  A uniform quality standard is ensured by our patented wide-strip casting and rolling mill, continuous monitoring of each stage of production, all mechanical and technological properties listed above as well as the dimensional tolerances of the material.

RHEINZINK is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and is subject to voluntary inspection by TÜV Rheinland according to the stringent requirements of the QUALITY ZINC Criteria Catalogue. This recognized German monitoring board has developed its own quality label for zinc as a building material.  A catalog of quality criteria lists all characteristic data for the material and permitted tolerances for the quality of the semi-finished product (coils and sheets).  Monitoring is carried out every two months by an inspector from TÜV Rheinland, who arrives at the plant unannounced. 

Inspection focuses on the quality characteristics going beyond the requirements of the standard, e.g. reduced deviation in the permitted thickness of only ±0.020 mm, reduced length / width tolerances of +2.0/-0 mm and increased proof stress (Rp 0.2).

Guaranteed quality. What is your benefit?

As the manufacturer, we want you to put your confidence in us and our products.  Therefore, we developed a process of management for our RHEINZINK.  The manufacturing standards are fixed in our quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 and in our environmental management system ISO 14001, strictly aiming at delivering top-quality products.  The institutes TÜV Rheinland and the Netherland MRPI are responsible for monitoring these quality systems.

We continuously strive to improve our production processes and focus on waste avoidance and saving energy.

Having all these quality measures in place, brings confidence to our products and allows us the opportunity to offer product guarantees to you.

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