System Description

  • Facade cladding 
  • Cladding for small areas (facings, fascias, etc.)

The angled standing seam is used for facades and for cladding small areas such as facings, fascias, parapets etc. Its height of approx. 1" and seam width of approx. 1/2" results in attractive visual segmentation of roof and facade areas. Installation can be horizontal, vertical as well as diagonal. 

Panels can be supplied pre-profiled or folded; alternatively, they can be produced on site using a mobile roll former.

The angled standing seam is characterized by its low material stress levels. Unlike the double standing seam, only one seam is closed here, either mechanically or by hand.

Measurements / Metal Thickness

  • Panel width < 17" (coil width 1'-7-3/4") 
  • Metal thickness 0.8 mm and 0.7mm
  • Limited panel length max. 20' optimum max. 13'-0"

When cladding facades using the angled standing seam technique, we advise using a panel width of 16.7" or smaller. It is also recommended to produce the panels from sheet material so that oil canning - typical of thin sheet metal can be reduced.

The panel length should be reduced to max. 20' as it will otherwise be virtually impossible to handle the panels behind scaffolding.  An optimum reduction in twisting is achieved with panel lengths of 13'.  A single cross seam is used to join the panels together. 

Custom-Made Products

  • Concave and convex panels
  • Tapering panels

The minimum radius for convex standing seam panels is 24".  It is possible to install not pre-curved panels from a radius of 40'.  With smaller radii, the panels have to be folded up and stretched with a hand form tool or bending machine. 

Where concave panels are concerned, seams must be folded by shrinking, something that is technically more difficult than stretching. As a result, the minimum radius for concave standing seam panels is 8'.  It is possible to install not pre-curved panels from a radius of 82'. 

The width of tapering panels should be min. 4" and max. 29" depending on wind loads.

System Fastening

RHEINZINK facades using the seam technique are secured indirectly using fixed and sliding clips. 

Clip spacing and type should be confirmed by a registered engineer.

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