System Description

  • Wide range of façade design options with RHEINZINK tile systems 
  • Possibility of combining small and large (flat-lock) tiles

Tiles are basically classified as being either large or small. With the large type of tile a much greater surface area is visible, i.e. greater coverage. The diamond and square-shaped tiles come under the heading of "small tiles". 

Unlike plates or shingles, these tiles have tilt-outs on the top and tilt-backs underneath so that they can be connected using hook-in seam technology.

All tiles (flat-lock, square and diamond-shaped) can be made out of sheets in a whole range of variations and recommended dimensions, either manually or by machine.

Measurements/ Metal Thickness

Diamond and Square Tiles

  • Prefabricated square tiles nominal size 16.7"
  • Prefabricated diamond tiles nominal size 9.75"
  • Metal thickness 0.7 mm

Other sizes available by request.

Flat-Lock Tiles

  • Overall width from 13" to 31" *
  • Overall length to 9'-9"
  • Metal thicknesses 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm

* RHEINZINK-prePATINA graphite-grey" available in 24" coils and sheets.

Custom-Made Products

  • Convex and concave tiles 
  • Tiles with different geometrical forms

Small tiles can be easily adapted for curved building layouts. With larger formats it may be necessary to precurve tiles depending on their measurements and the radius of the building. 

Tiles can be manufactured in a range of different geometrical forms, e.g. trapezoidal or honeycomb design.


System Fastening

The RHEINZINK Interlocking Tile system is secured using fixed clips. 

Clip spacing and type should be confirmed by a registered engineer.

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