System Description

  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically 
  • Choice of panel and reveal widths
  • Hidden fasteners

RHEINZINK panels are particularly suitable for façades subject to high aesthetic requirements such as commercial / office buildings or public buildings designed with a modern, "technical" look.  RHEINZINK panels are increasingly being used to cover small areas such as dormers, fascias and gables.

Reveal panels with an overall depth of 1" offer a wealth of design possibilities as they can be installed either diagonally or vertically. The variable width of the shadow gap (0 - 1") contributes to the individuality of the structure. 

Measurements/ Metal Thickness

  • Overall width 6" - 10" 
  • Metal thickness 1.0 mm 
  • Horizontal max. length = 10'
  • Vertical max. length = 13'

We generally recommend that both ends of the panel are equipped with stopends for reinforcement. This is particularly necessary for large overall widths from 9-3/4" to ensure a flawless appearance to the surface of the building. Stopends also block the view when looking into the panel sideways, e.g. at the lintel area.

With direct fixing, linear expansion of the panels is counterbalanced by limiting the size of the facade field to max. 13' and by adjusting the substructure. This applies when using multi-section substructures made of metal.


Custom-Made Products

  • Concave and convex panels
  • Perforated panels

Reveal panels can also be used on convex or concave curves, depending on the on the radius and the overall width and length of the panel. 

The visible face of reveal panels can be fully or partially perforated, either as a design feature or for ventilation, e.g. as an air intake or exhaust vent component under roof overhangs for ventilated roof construction. 


Attaching panels

RHEINZINK reveal panels are based on the tongue-and-groove system and attached to a metal substructure at the groove using rivets or self-tapping screws. The distance required to the substructure depends on factors such as wind loads, the type of framework, structural system and the load-bearing capacity of the cladding and demonstrated with calculations.


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