System Description

  • Roof covering from a roof pitch of 3:12 and above

Unlike plates or shingles, these tiles are connected by hems so they can be connected using hook-in seam technology.

All tiles (flat-lock, square and diamond-shaped) can be made out of sheets in a whole range of variations and recommended dimensions, either manually or by machine.

Measurements / Metal Thickness

Diamond and Square Tiles

  • Prefabricated square tiles nominal size 15.6"
  • Prefabricated diamond tiles nominal size 9.75"
  • Metal thickness 0.7 mm

Other sizes available by request.

Flat-Lock Tiles

  • Overall width from 13" to 31"
  • Overall length to 9'-10"
  • Metal thicknesses 0.7 / 0.8 mm / 1.0 mm

Custom-Made Products

  • convex and concave tiles 
  • tiles with different geometrical forms

Small tiles can be easily adapted for curved building layouts. With larger formats it may be necessary to precurve tiles depending on their measurements and the radius of the building. 

Tiles can be manufactured in a range of different geometrical forms, e.g. trapezoidal design.

In such cases please contact your RHEINZINK Representative.  

System Fastening

The flat overlapping seams of the Flat Lock Tile System provide a subtle gridded look to simple, complex rectilinear or curvilinear facades.  By using various sized tiles and changing the layout of the seam lines, the designer has many options available.  

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