Snow Guard System

Requirements of a Snow Guard System

The function of a snow guard system is to protect traffic and passers-by down below, from snow and ice that slips from the roof.  The decision whether to include a snow guard system depends on usage; e.g. a public building or place of public assembly.

Snow Guard, S5! System

The S5! System is a snow guard made of aluminum, is a choice guaranteed to impress.  The patented snow guard attaches to the seam and does not pierce or puncture the material.  This is not just due to its attractive appearance but to its high load-bearing capacity: the stable guard rail is clad in the same RHEINZINK quality as the roof - giving the roof a seamless appearance. 

Benefits of S5! at a glance:

  • High load-bearing capacity 
  • Quick and easy installation 
  • No roof penetrations necessary
  • May be installed diagonally (e.g. at valleys) 
  • Consisting of three perfectly coordinated system S5! components: the snow guard clamp, guard rail and ice guard.



RHEINZINK recommends using a snow guard system that is attached to the seams using special clamps.  A rigid tube prevents the snow on the roof from sliding off.

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