Double Lock Standing Seam

Trillium Park at Ontario Place | Toronto, ON | Architect: Architect: LANDinc., Toronto, ON | Distributor / Fabricator: Agway Metals, Brampton, ON | Installer: Steelcore Construction, Scarborough, ON | prePATINA blue-grey
  • Complements both traditional and modern architecture

  • Tapering, concave and convex designs possible

  • Suitable for roof pitches greater than 5/8:12

  • Panel lengths of up to 52' possible

RHEINZINK-Double Lock Standing Seam

The double lock standing seam is a further development of the original hollow seam or the simple standing seam. First mentioned in relevant literature in 1899, it is the preferred choice over other systems for roof pitches starting at approx. 5/8":12 (3°).

This system may be fabricated into the following PRODUCT LINES: CLASSIC, artCOLOR and prePATINA

  • Sheet width up to 39.4"
  • Coils up to 3 tons in weight


  • Panels width from 12" - 24"
  • For cost effectiveness, ease of fabrication and installation, limit panel lengths to 40’, although the maximum allowable length of 52’ is possible.  Consult the RHEINZINK technical department for applications requiring longer lengths.
  • It is recommended to single lock the panels every 3’-4’ prior to seaming to assure proper seam closure.
  • Refer to the RHEINZINK baseline details for detail options for eaves, rakes, hips, ridges,  valleys and penetrations. Consult the RHEINZINK technical department for customized applications.
  • Panels can be roll formed or fabrication fabricated using brake forming or folding machines.
  • To determine whether a ventilation mat and/or factory applied ProRoofing backside coating is required for RHEINZINK standing seam roofing panels, please refer to the RHEINZINK Steep Slope, Mid Slope and Low Slope Roofing recommendations.
  • Roof penetrations such as skylights, chimneys or vents that interrupt the seams constitute the most vulnerable part of any standing seam roof. These areas must be carefully detailed fully with apron flashings with sufficient overlap lengths, capillary breaks, and waterchecks.  Consult a RHEINZINK representative for advice on proper details for these conditions.

For Optimum Flatness:

  • Use 0.8 mm thick RHEINZINK for face heights 16” to 24”.
  • Use 0.7 mm thick RHEINZINK for face heights 12” to 16”.
  • For panel widths above 18"-24" additional profiling is recommended.

The profile is folded and closed manually or mechanically, by seaming machines.  Custom shapes such as convex and concave curves and tapered panels can be produced. Traditional and modern architecture are complemented by the elegant lines of the double lock standing seam thanks to its wide range of details.

For more examples of Standing Seam projects, be sure to visit the RHEINZINK Gallery!

To request AutoCAD details or need additional info, please e-mail info(at) or contact your RHEINZINK Representative.

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Standing Seam Roof - Details and Specification
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Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim – Specification
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Standing Seam Roof Slopes and Calculations
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Technical Bulletin - ProRoofing and Installation Tips
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Storage and Handling
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