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The RHEINZINK-drainpipe is an impact-proof plastic pipe clad with <br /> RHEINZINK-"preweatheredpro blue-gray". The trademarked technology used <br /> on the ends of the pipe ensures that the approx. 3’ long pipes are pluggable.  <br /> This means that the pipework can be extended by two or additional pipes.  RHEINZINK-Round Downpipes are available in 3” to 5” diameters. They are <br /> High frequency welded without overlapping seams (round pipes sizes <br /> 3”to 6”). Compared to conventional welding techniques, this patented <br /> process ensures greater seam strength.  Remaining gutter <br /> sections can be easily flared with a pipe reaming tool, e.g. supplied by Masc. <br /> Stocked sizes are 3-1/8” and 4”.  Other sizes available as a special <br /> order item.  RHEINZINK-Elbows are available in 3-1/8” to 5” sizes and with angles of 40°, 60°, <br /> 72° and 85°.   Other sizes available as a special order item.  Manufactured from <br /> High frequency welded, round downpipes without overlapping seams of 3”to 6”, <br /> this elbow not only looks good, but offers a high level of seam strength.  Flanged RHEINZINK-drop-in Outlet, designed for soldering to <br /> half-round gutterRHEINZINK-Half-round mitered corner for inside and outside corners, <br /> 90°, is manufactured from a single piece.RHEINZINK Plug-In outletRHEINZINK gutters are manufactured with bead notching for faster <br > assembly.  The lengths are soft-soldered together and expansion joints are <br /> used to accommodate linear thermal expansion.RHEINZINK-Downspout skirt as the transition between the downpipe <br /> system and downspout.The RHEINZINK-Water Diverter, with its removable leaf screen prevents <br /> the main drainage pipes from becoming clogged.The RHEINZINK-rain water collector is designed to collect at least 60% of <br /> rainfall. It can be seamlessly integrated into the downpipe system, even <br /> when being retrofitted. No soldering required.  All standard 1/2 inch <br /> garden hoses can be easily connected thanks to the handy <br /> GARDENA® shut- off valve.Downpipe brackets come in all three RHEINZINK patinas with a stainless <br /> ring bolt press-fitted threaded shoulder nutThe RHEINZINK-Universal Downpipe Bracket is a clever alternative to classic <br /> downpipe clips.  The system, which consists of four components, is <br /> attached only to the rear of the pipe, making it almost invisible. The <br /> clipless piping is simple to install using the RHEINZINK Universal <br /> Downpipe Bracket, which can be used with all 3” round downpipes.RHEINZINK-Pipe adapters allow remaining sections of downpipe to be used <br /> without flaring.The RHEINZINK Snap-Lock Bracket System makes the traditional gutter  <br /> brackets an easy and durable install and is also suitable for retrofitting.  <br /> A C-shaped rail bracket made of aluminum is fastened directly to the <br /> Fascia. The snap-lock brackets can be securely inserted with ease <br /> allowing the 5” or 6” RHEINZINK gutter to be clicked into place.RHEINZINK-Gutter Brackets are available in both long and short lengths, <br /> wrapped to match gutter style and color.The RHEINZINK Snap-Lock Bracket System makes the traditional gutter <br />  brackets an easy and durable install and is also suitable for retrofitting <br />  A C-shaped rail bracket made of aluminum directly attaches to the fascia.  <br />  The snap-lock brackets can be inserted with ease.RHENZINK end caps are designed for ease of installation and soldering.  <br /> Available in both left and right.Leaf guards are made from Bright Rolled RHEINZINK <br / > Diamond Mesh Sheet designed for half round gutters.  The RHEINZINK expansion joint and gutter bead cap are available in <br /> standard RHEINZINK colors to match existing gutter details
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Gutter Systems - Details and Specification
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