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RHEINZINK Panels Clad Second Studio Gang Bothouse Project on Chicago River


The new Eleanor Boathouse at Park 571 in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood creates the opportunity for greater community recreation and environmental stewardship of the Chicago River.  Designed by Studio Gang Architects, the...continued


RHEINZINK Highlights Steven Holl’s Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU


The Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) will bring the most important, cutting-edge contemporary art exhibits in the world to the VCU campus and the city of Richmond.  Located in...continued


RHEINZINK Panels Enhance University of Notre Dame Locker Room


Originally constructed in 1930 and steeped in tradition, the University of Notre Dame Stadium remains an iconic symbol of the history of the storied football program.   Although significantly expanded in 1999, the...continued


RHEINZINK Roof Panels are Natural Choice for North Woods Cottage


RHEINZINK was the natural choice to clad the roof of a new cottage located in the North Woods of Wisconsin.  “The multi-level roof was a key part of the design and we wanted it to blend into the environment as much as...continued


RHEINZINK Dome is Unique in the Design of Mormon Temples


The RHEINZINK-clad dome atop the new Mormon Temple in Tucson marks a unique feature in the design of the religion’s temples throughout the United States.  “Domes are rare on temples,” said Mandy Martineau, church member and...continued


RHEINZINK Panels are Natural Choice for a Canadian Waterfront Trail Pavilion

A steeply-sloped, RHEINZINK-clad roof is the architectural focal point of an open-air pavilion at the new Trillium Park and William G. Davis Trail at Ontario Place in Toronto.  The opening of the park and waterfront trail...continued

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