RHEINZINK Introduces Air-Z® Structured Mat



RHEINZINK America, Inc. has introduced AIR-Z®, an optimized structured mat for RHEINZINK standing seam roof systems.  Made of continuous nylon filaments fused at their intersections, AIR-Z provides the ventilation and drainage needed for a long service life.

AIR-Z is laid on large areas of underlay with substructures of wooden sheathing or derived timber products and is particularly suited for low-pitched metal roofs.  AIR-Z offers excellent durability, is easy to install and provides continuous air or water flow even under high loads.

AIR-Z satisfies the criteria on “hard roofing” as per DIN 4102 when used in combination with bituminous underlayment.

RHEINZINK America, Inc. led the introduction of zinc as an important architectural material in North America and continues to provide comprehensive technical support to architects and contractors. Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, RHEINZINK presents a distinctive appearance with outstanding longevity. 

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