Klaas Kortegast is new Director of Sales at RHEINZINK


Datteln, Germany (August 2019) -

Klaas Kortegast is new Director of Sales at RHEINZINK

Klaas Kortegast has taken over global sales management for RHEINZINK on August 1, 2019 and will join the management board by October 1, 2019.

With Klaas Kortegast, an experienced professional takes over responsibility for RHEIZINK's sales activities. Since December 2016, the 36-year-old has already been successfully managing sales in Germany. In his new role Kortegast will also take over operative and strategic responsibility for sales at international level. “I am looking forward to being involved in the strategic development of RHEINZINK.. My goal is to further optimise our powerful sales organisation and align it better to the changing demands of our customers and our market. Working closely with our customers will be especially important in order to improve and expand our offerings, particularly our range of services, in line with market requirements.” Kortegast sees further important priorities of his new role in developing new market segments, expanding the company’s market position and positioning the RHEINZINK brand internationally.

“With his extensive experience and market knowledge Klaas Kortegast is the perfect choice such a responsible position. He will set major priorities, contribute decisively to the progress of our team and play a crucial part in achieving our corporate goals”, says Ulrich Grillo, Executive Director and CEO of RHEINZINK.

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