RHEINZINK Storage and Handling Info

Material Storage and Handling:

Transportation and On-Site Storage
RHEINZINK must be transported and stored under dry, ventilated conditions.  While in storage at the shop or on site, contact between moisture, such as with wet sheeting or tarps, and the surface of the metal must be avoided.

The following steps should be practiced at all times:

  • Provide ventilation to covered RHEINZINK Materials
  • Store on dry pallets on a dry floor (more on dry storage below)
  • Transport covered on dry pallets
  • Avoid tight stacking (to prevent chafing)
  • Provide abrasion protection when transporting 
  • Allow material to sit unopened for several days upon receipt to allow for acclimation to the storage area’s temperature and humidity.

Handling and Fingerprints:

Due to the acidity of perspiration, fingerprints on RHEINZINK may become permanent blemishes if not removed quickly.  Wear clean gloves when handling material during transportation, fabrication, and installation.

Strippable Film (PVC) should be removed as soon as possible after installation, but under no circumstances should it be partially removed as this may lead to unevenness of the patina.  Shop applied protective films should be avoided as these may trap air and moisture leading to formation of zinc hydroxide stains.

Dry Storage is very important
RHEINZINK must be kept in a dry, well-ventilated storage area so the material does not form white rust. It is very important to keep the material dry both on and off the site. This is especially geared towards coils as it’s difficult to dry them once they have become wet. Not only does this apply to rain but to high humidity, dew and condensation as well.

For a quick reference, download the Storage and Handling .pdf at the bottom of this page.

Finished Side of Coil

The outside face of the coil is the finished side, in most cases, the side that will be exposed to weather.  The inside face of the coil is the back or underside and is imprinted with the RHEINZINK® logo along the edges.  Coils may be ordered "goods in" with the finish side on the outside of the coil.

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Storage and Handling
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