RHEINZINK Maintenance

Maintenance of RHEINZINK
RHEINZINK surfaces are low to no maintenance when exposed to normal weather and atmospheric  conditions. However, it may be desirable to clean RHEINZINK surfaces for aesthetic reasons or to mitigate substances on the surface. 

Maintenance of RHEINZINK in Marine Environments
When using the natural RHEINZINK prePATINA LINE surfaces in areas subject to a marine climate, white deposits may develop on the surface due to the salt in the atmosphere. These natural deposits integrate into the natural patina and because of the color contrast, are more visible on the darker, RHEINZINK-prePATINA graphite-grey surface. This will not affect the function or expected service life of the material. For more on this, please reference “Environmental Benefits of RHEINZINK”.

In coastal regions, frequent cycles of condensation and drying can create a heavy build-up of atmospheric salts and dirt. This build-up can be more prevalent in climates where rainfall is low and the opportunity for atmospheric washing (rain) of surfaces is minimal. In these areas, for aesthetic reasons, RHEINZINK recommends rinsing the zinc with clear water at least twice a year or more if  necessary. The natural patina will appear lighter when used in locations where the air contains chlorides.  In marine environments, we recommend the use of prePATINA blue-grey versus prePATINA graphite-grey because the salt deposits are less visible on the lighter colored blue-grey. 

Maintenance of RHEINZINK on Soffits
Soffits generally do not have the opportunity for atmospheric washing (rain). Therefore, RHEINZINK recommends rinsing the zinc with clear water at least four times per year or more if necessary.

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